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Most people think Dr. Jekyll- Mr. Hyde displays a good picture of what schizophrenia is. They are however, wrong, schizophrenia is not a switch in character. Schizophrenia in one sentence is defined as a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disease that can be characterized by hallucinations, illusions, delusions, and disorder thinking that comes from various sources.
Quick Facts   People with Obsessive Disorder
The World of Someone with OCD
An individual with OCD usually has certain tasks they feel they must perform in order to keep themselves feeling in control. People with OCD may also avoid situations in which they might have to confront their obsessions. Individuals experiencing these symptoms might try to use drugs or alcohol to calm themselves down but this doesn't often work. If left untreated, OCD can grow severe enough to keep someone from holding down a job or completing rudimentary everyday tasks. The disorder usually can be controlled with treatment accompanied by medications.
Individuals with OCD may be preoccupied with order, may feel the need to touch or count things, and may have thoughts about performing or not performing religious acts. What separates an individual with OCD from what can be termed the well adjusted population, is that while most people may check several times to make sure the stove is off, or the toaster is unplugged, an individual suffering from OCD will spend several hours per day and may feel distress if they do not perform the acts. Most adults with this condition recognize that what they're doing is senseless, but they can't stop it. Some people, though, particularly children with OCD, may not realize that their behavior is out of the ordinary.
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