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GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER Generalized Anxiety DisorderDisorder

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is much more intense than the normal anxiety people experience on a day to day basis. This anxiety is chronic and fills one's everyday life with worry and tension, even when there wasn't anything really to provoke it. An individual with this disorder constantly worries excessively about everything from income, to friends and family, or employment. GAD is perhaps better characterized by the anticipation of disaster that usually is present in every moment of the afflicted individual's day. A rudimentary event like getting through the day is enough to provoke anxiety. People experiencing this anxiety, though they know it is irrational, cannot usually shake their fears.

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There are many effective treatments that have been developed through research. There are two generalized treatments that are available for anxiety disorders. They are medications and psychotherapy. Perhaps the best option for individuals in this situation is a mix of medication and psychotherapy. Both approaches can be effective; however, which treatment is picked out depends on the patient's and doctor's preference as well as the individual being treated and the specific anxiety disorder.

When choosing a therapist, you should find out whether medications will be available if needed. Before treatment can begin, the doctor must conduct a careful diagnostic evaluation to determine whether your symptoms are due to an anxiety disorder, which anxiety disorder(s) you may have, and what coexisting conditions may be present. Since anxiety disorders are not all treated in the same manner it is important to determine the specific problem before beginning a course of treatment. Sometimes other coexisting conditions are present such as alcoholism or drug abuse which will have an impact on what kind of treatment is needed for the specific anxiety disorder.

If an individual has previously been treated for an anxiety disorder prior, make sure to you're your medical provider what you have been previously treated for. In this explanation include what if any medication was taken. What often happens is that people feel they have failed at treatment or that the treatment they received didn't work when in fact, the only problem was the treatment was never given time to correctly run it's course. Going to treatment is essentially a joint action, where therapist and client are working together. If one treatment doesn't work, the odds are good that another one will. Additionally, new treatments are continually being developed through research.

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